Cabernet Tassel with Women's Dearfoams Slipper Felted Plaid Mule HxSwW6Rp



  • Occasionally or at irregular intervals.

    ‘he worked sporadically at part-time jobs’
    with Women's Plaid Felted Tassel Cabernet Dearfoams Slipper Mule
    ‘the comedy is only sporadically funny’
    • ‘Sporadically published, its sixth issue came out last month.’
    • ‘They exhibit and work extensively on the Continent and in the UK, but only sporadically in the US.’
    • ‘He sporadically thinks of the possibility of a pardon.’
    • ‘This view was sporadically applied to artists in the 16th century.’
    • ‘The energy situation is expected to continue to be sporadically uncertain.’
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